Apperception Programs

Apperception is a term borrowed from psychology and is the mental process by which a person makes sense of an idea by assimilating it to the body of ideas he/she already possesses.

Sales Training

The selling arena has altered. The pitch as we know it is losing its luster and under-going reconstruction. Insightful selling is the new transformative dogma.

Leadership Development

Leadership is about pursuing a worthwhile cause and achieving tangible results that has meaning, significance, purpose. To accomplish this it galvanizes teams to incredible levels of desire.

Who Are We

By definition, natural talent is an inborn gift for specific activity, either demonstrating some skill without practice or to gain skill rapidly with minimal practice. It is ingrained deeply in people’s mind and is a belief as robust as religion. Other than a natural singing voice and physicality (sane mind, tall basket ball players, bulk in sumo wrestlers, broad frame and body mass for rugby, good vision for archery /shooting etc), we at Headstride don’t believe in innate talent. We believe most skills can be acquired with practice and people who indulge in purposeful, persistent, passionate and strategic practice become distinctive in that field. There is a covalent bonding between practicing with impressive regularity and accomplishment be it any field. Most people either give up midway or embrace mediocrity (be it sport, music, art, academics, business or any skill) and this is attributable chiefly to the ‘Incident-Thought-Emotion-Feeling’ quartet that interferes with our mind and affects our belief, resolve, decision & action. Headstride works with our clients at precisely this interface, unravels these mind restraints, probable repressions and self-induced confinements to clear the runway for take off.

How we do it

This is achieved through 4 APPERCEPTION PROGRAMS (one day workshops) which examine the mind, thinking traps and structural thinking in considerable depths. We further take these life skills & understanding to the areas of LEADERSHIP & SALES both of which rely heavily on transacting minds. Headstride provide Leadership Development Programs, Leadership Coaching, Sales Training Programs, Sales Coaching and Psychotherapy Services as the firm’s services portfolio.

Blog Posts

Executive Burnout: A leadership concern

Corporate anxiety, deadlines, target pressures, multiplicity of tasks, sales quotas, incessant travel, long hours of work, RFP & project milestones and similar push oriented indulgences put inordinate demand over one's time. There are various pressures, many of which are self-induced but at what stage of buckle is it construed as a burnout.

The Organizing principle of sales

Speech demands 100 orofacial, laryngeal, pharyngeal, and respiratory muscles. Air from the lungs (expiration) needs to be phonated through vocal folds of the larynx and resonated in the vocal cavities shaped by the jaw, soft palate, lips, tongue and other articulators. Pavarotti had a huge jaw hence could attain remarkable cavity space and voice resonance.

Leadership & 64 squares

Ever played a game of chess. Chess monomaniacs can be at it for hours, such is the level of its intrigue. It has been estimated that there are over 16 billion different possible endings in a 30 move game. It's structure, positioning strategy, allocation of logic in coin movement, opening repertoire, reliance upon castling for king's safety, mid-game progression, end game close-in's all transcend computational theories.

Headstride Services Category


  1. Into the Stride
  2. Perceptual Amplification
  3. The Motive Force
  4. Interpretations

Sales Training

  1. Get into the Buyers Head
  2. Heart of the Sale


  1. The Deal to Lead
  2. Set of the Sail


  1. Leadership Coaching
  2. Sales Coaching
  3. Individual Coaching

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Selling is an occurrence in which the seller engages in a purposeful conversation with the buyer to influence upon the buyer the appropriateness & advantages of seller's products/services to eventuate a transaction which is beneficial to both. To attain this transaction success on a sustaining basis that ensures business repeatability, the seller engages in a relationship with the buyer using a sequence of skills, attributes, techniques and information.


Leadership is an arresting alliance between the leader and the followers. One leads with an implicit consent of the followers. Once credibility is missing from the leader, followers unconsciously withdraw their permission to lead them. Their dissonance and strife is masked to preserve conformity but the contention is brewing mentally. Over time the leader adopts an autocratic style to preserve his position at the helm and be heard.


Coaching is about unlocking the coachee's potential to maximize their own performance. Coach's own belief of the enormity of human potential plays a pivotal role in coachee attaining this awarness. Coaching uses constructive language, targeted restatements, powerful questions, representational systems, paraphrasing, sumarising and an assortment of skills to ingress into the subconscious mind where pain beliefs, conflicts and potential reside.

Anxiety, depression, trauma, bereavement, PTSD, anger, panic attacks, stress, all of these are aspects of one’s engagement with the world and the dispositional stance one adopts after an event has occurred. Headstride provides psychotherapy services that are interweaved with existential philosophies and a phenomenological mode of inquiry with our therapy-seeking clients. We engage with client’s experience, examine their relatedness with the world and explore their boundaries of freedom, choices, possibilities, limitations, language interpretations, active participation and authenticity in their lived experience.

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Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

- Jean-Paul Sartre

The legs, muscles & body merely manifests the physical transportation act, but the stride originates in the head, fuels
the thought and provides the circuit for acceleration mainly because of the attained conviction. Headstride augments
this journey to strengthen the wiring in the head to attain that conviction and stride.

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We seek client’s with a mindset that perceives the world from an adaptive and extensible lens. To alter experience, one needs grit and a little enterprise. Welcome aboard.

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